Taipei: Chia Te Pineapple Tarts and Sun Biscuits

Frankly speaking, I have never been a great fan of pineapple tarts (凰梨酥)  and sun biscuits (太阳饼). But a few years ago when I was on a work trip to Taipei, my colleague bought some tarts whose shop is only based in Taichung and I loved it. The tart practically melts in your mouth. However, since I have left my old company, I have been looking for something similar whenever I travel to Taipei for holidays. But so far none have met my taste meter.

So this current trip to Taipei, we decided to ask a taxi driver to recommend the best pineapple tart in Taipei and he recommended Chia Te (家德). He mentioned that his wife queue for more than 1 hour during festive seasons to buy that tarts and they only produce enough for the day. Also noteworthy was that it won some best pineapple tart awards in Taipei for a few years running. Hearing this, of course, we were determined not to let the opportunity pass us by and decided to pop down the shop early next morning (around 11 am lah). Continue reading “Taipei: Chia Te Pineapple Tarts and Sun Biscuits”