Taipei: Chia Te Pineapple Tarts and Sun Biscuits

Frankly speaking, I have never been a great fan of pineapple tarts (凰梨酥)  and sun biscuits (太阳饼). But a few years ago when I was on a work trip to Taipei, my colleague bought some tarts whose shop is only based in Taichung and I loved it. The tart practically melts in your mouth. However, since I have left my old company, I have been looking for something similar whenever I travel to Taipei for holidays. But so far none have met my taste meter.

So this current trip to Taipei, we decided to ask a taxi driver to recommend the best pineapple tart in Taipei and he recommended Chia Te (家德). He mentioned that his wife queue for more than 1 hour during festive seasons to buy that tarts and they only produce enough for the day. Also noteworthy was that it won some best pineapple tart awards in Taipei for a few years running. Hearing this, of course, we were determined not to let the opportunity pass us by and decided to pop down the shop early next morning (around 11 am lah).

We followed the taxi driver’s instruction to go to nanjing road and sure enough, we were greeted by a big red sign from a distance.

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When we went in, it was already crowded with mostly taiwanese women and its on a Monday morning!

Basically, the shop is really a bakery shop so it does sell you standard sandwiches and buns (which seems to be a favorite amongst the clients). Of course, we were here for the tarts and headed immediately to check out the good. No sample was available and we asked the staff if they had any and they prompted went into the kitchen and took out two whole pieces cut into two for us to try.

Okay, the taste is not like WHOAH (like the one I had from Taichung). However, the pastry is buttery, fragrant and fluffy. When eaten with the sweet pineapple fillings, it makes a wonderful and mouth watering combination. The taxi driver who recommended us Chia Te also said he loved the plum flavored pineapple tarts, we did a sample of it and totally agreed with him taste. The plum pineapple tart was fragrantly sweet with a hint of plum sourness.


They also had various flavors of pineapple tarts from walnut, strawberry to longan. You can pick and choose you own combination with the boxes as the prices are the same for the different flavors.


Apart from pineapple tarts they also have other types of biscuits like salted egg tarts, Sun biscuit, wife biscuits and sweet melon biscuits. But they did not have an samples for the biscuits so I bought one each and we went outside the shop to munch on them. Both me and Fred (my tennis partner in crime) decided that the Sun biscuit is really nice and so we went back into the shop and got ourselves some.

So the next time you are in taipei and need some good souvenir, I recommend Chia Te pineapple tarts.

You can visit their website for more information (but its in Mandarin)

The address in English is:

No. 88, Nanjing East Road, Sec. 5


10 thoughts on “Taipei: Chia Te Pineapple Tarts and Sun Biscuits

  1. Thank you for the info! Have been trying to look for this shop for quite sometime, since an associate bought a box of salted pineapple tarts for me. When I share the box with some good friends, its gone in a blink! Have been thinking of this delicious snack for a long long time. Now, one of my church sister is going taiwan free and easy, have to ask them to get for me. Thanks again for the thorough write-up!


  2. Ho, u said u tested the pineapple cake and it gave u a wooah impression. Mind sharing what’s the name of that brand tha toyou tried in taichung?

  3. Hey, may I know which/where did you try the pineapple cake that gives you the wooaahh experience in Taichung? Am interested to try it out if you can list out the brand of the cakes.

    1. Pineapple cake doesn’t contain any meat products in it, neither does sun biscuit.

      Its all made of vege oil etc, at most u see egg yolk in one of their cakes.

      1. I have a box of Pineapple Pastry that my husband brought back from a business trip. I am looking for an ingredient list, especially if it has dairy in it, milk, dry milk, whey, butter. I’m pretty sure it does but I’d like to know for sure before I give them away.

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