Taiwan Street Food – 大肠包小肠 (Small sausage wrapped by big sauage)

This picture may look suggestive, but its one of my favorite must eat food when in Taipei. It is a relative simply concept. A small sausage, which is your typical sweet Taiwanese sausage, is placed on a large glutinous rice filled sausage. In between these two various other flavors and ingredients like garlic, onions, radish, etc are added. You can have Japanese, Korean, Thai, Satay flavored toppings, including many I would not know what they are made of! In itself, I think we can say that is a complete meal with meat, vegetables and rice!

What makes this delicious is the toppings and most important how the small sausage is roasted. A lot of care is taken to roast the sausage so that its crispy on the outside and very fragrant. One of my favorite sausage is the wild boar meat (山猪).

This stall at Ximen is very popular and I love to eat the small sausage just by itself. Its in one of back lane where the Ximen multi-storey carpark is, just below the Toilet Cafe


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