Taiwan Street Food – 黑糖珍珠撞奶 (Black sugar syrup soaked pearls in milk)

This is a drink that I only recently discovered in Taiwan as I had never really been a fan of the pearl (珍珠) in the Taiwanese bubble milk tea, usually opting out the pearls.  I think this new mixture probably only came about 1 – 2 years ago. Also judging by its popularity amongst the youngster, it should be a relatively new thing, until something else takes over! lolz

The drink is very simple, soak a bunch of tapioca balls in black sugar syrup and serve it with full cream milk. Simple, but heavenly!

The pearls are piping hot at the bottom of the cup (in the picture above I could only hold that cup for a few seconds!) and the cold milk is poured on top. Stir them together and you get a drink that has both the fragrance of milk and black sugar (and its sweetness), plus a chewy tidbit. Because the pearls are soaked in the sugar, they are not tasteless and are nice to chew on. To make a good cup, I think, depends on the quality of the pearl and the milk. Black sugar tastes don’t change too much, in general.

In the picture above is a popular shop at 公馆 (Gong Guan) station where there is tiny night market street. This is a bit early, but if you go there around dinner time, the customers will pack the street. Actually, I thought that another (smaller) store selling a similar drink just behind me (where this photo is taken) seem to have a better milk to go with it. But both is worth a try.


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