CLOSED: Casse Croûte @ Park West

Me and my friends visited Casse Croûte at Park West condo recently based on a recommended on the web and it was really worth the trip.  Its basically a little no aircon no frills french cafe right above the swimming pool of the condo property.  Food is ordered and paid for at the cashier, drinks self-serviced from the fridge and the cutlery too when the food arrives. You can also order the pre-packed food from the fridge and heat up yourselves back home. We went there about 1:30 pm in a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty empty, which is good for me as we can take out time each and enough ourselves despite the heat.

I am not going to harp on the credentials of the chef as-if I know him that well or that I have even eaten at any of his previous restaurant. Anyway, it doesn’t matter where one comes from, but I am eating now! We did talk to the chef a bit and he revealed that he does all his cold cuts and sausages in-house and those are his main focus of the business and takeaways, other than great french food, mais oui! IMG_20150628_141230

The front of the cafe with Chef Michel at the background preparing our food. IMG_20150628_135206_AO_HDR

For starters, we asked for a chef platter for 3 persons, which gives you an assortment of appetizers. We got the curry haddock rillettes, pork rillettes, pork leg terrine, corn beef, jamon and some sort of chicken wrapped with pistachio (sorry, the french name flew my mind), served with homemade baguette. We all agreed that the pork rillettes is the star of the show, but I have also hear that the duck rillettes is not bad too.  It’s hard to describe why it was so good; the meat was tender with a great flavor without being over fatty, its all I can say. For the curry haddock rillettes, it was good blend of spices, nothing outstanding as most haddocks are, but still good with bread. I am not too much a fan of cold cuts, but I can say that they are less saltier that a lot of cold cuts out there and hence very easy to eat even by themselves and pretty nice too each especially the jamon. My second favorite was that round chicken thingie with pistachio. To tell the truth, it taste quite similar to a good Hainanese chicken rice chicken, but this one had more flavors, was tender and good chicken flavors came through. Honestly after the platter, we were quite full, but we had to soldier on!   IMG_20150628_141956_HDR

Next up, we had the lobster bisque. It was light, smooth, yet fully formed flavors and not too rich with cream like some other bisque I had. Very easy on the palate as a soup starter, especially dipped in bread       IMG_20150628_142415_HDR

Of course, how can we not have escargot in a french place. One of my favorite escargot is from Halal Le Bistro Parisien at the V Hotel at Bencoolen St, which is unfortunately closed now. Now I have another place for fantastic escargot! Unfortunately, the picture above doesn’t do too much justice to the taste of the food. What the cafe does differently is to use a tomato base topped with herb and garlic butter. The combination is heavenly, both refreshing and tangy from the tomato base and rich and flavorful from the butter all in one bite. IMG_20150628_144219_HDR

As our stomach were almost exploding, we only ordered a main dish after all that. This is the St. Louis pork ribs with Dijon mustard. Portion is not too big, as you will expect from typical American rib joints, but again great flavors, especially paired with the mustard. The ribs are crispy on the outside, with fats bursting with flavors and meat the falls off the bones effortlessly.  The dish is a tad bit dry (as in no sauce) if just eat it by itself, but the tenderness of the meat, the seasoning and flavors of the ribs, plus the mustard, more than makes up for it. However, I do find that the meat works better if I paired it with the mustard; it a bit dry (dry not hard) if I just ate the whole thing without mustard due to the lack of sauce.


Everyone was swearing that they cannot eat anymore until the profiteroles came out and we gobbled it up, forgetting our swearing just seconds ago. Most of the time, I would not each profiteroles because the Chou pastry can be soggy and lumpy, but this one is crispy and light. Eaten together with chocolate and vanilla ice cream makes a wonderful end of this great meal; a place I would gladly recommend and dream of coming back again for more!


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