Audrey Cafe @ EmQuartier Bangkok – Pretty food but disappointing taste

Audrey Cafe is a chain of french inspired cafe that operates in a few major shopping centers in Bangkok in which EmQuartier is one of those location. The decor of the cafe is indeed quaint and pretty and gives you a very relaxing feel when seating in the cafe.



The food menu contains both Thai and Western food with a selection of pastas and pizzas. As me and my friend were not that hungry, we did not go for the main courses and just chose some food to nibble on.


One of the recommended dish is the souffle with crab bisque. The presentation looks awesome, but unfortunately not the taste. The dish on the left is just a plain souffle which has a sponge texture like those you use for dish washing.  The bisque has a weak crab taste and loses its flavor once its soaked in the tasteless souffle.


We also ordered the fried onion bloom which comes with a Thai sweet chilli dip. I always loved fried onions, but the sauce was way too sweet for it. As the onion itself is already sweet, dipping into the super sweet chilli sauce just gave me a sugar overload.  I wished it was more towards the spicy and sour side with a bit of sweetness to balance out the dish. We ended up dipping the onion into another sour chilli dip instead.


This is fried chicken skin with garlic. The dish was okay but again I felt that it was too sweet for its own good.


The only saving grace was this slow cooked beef cheeks boat noodles. The beef was soft and the boat noodle sauce was unique, and delicious, rich with a bit buttery and peanuty in taste, totally unlike a typical boat noodles, more like a beef stew noodles.  Thai folks expecting a boat noodle tastes may frown at this change, but we liked it.


Another signature of Audrey cafe is its potted desserts. This is a chocolate vanilla cake with butter and cream cheese topping. Unfortunately, we are not fan of butter cream, especially when its hard. This is only of the few times I could not finish a dessert even though it is quite small. The butter cream gives an overwhelming oily taste which makes the whole dessert awful in my taste books.

Despite what I have said, this may not mean that all the food in Audrey is bad, its just the ones that we ordered and which didn’t suit our tastes. I hope they see it as a constructive feedback. I seen a lot of folks order pasta dish and they could well be good. And as for desserts, I did try their Thai tea crepe cake before and thought it was one of the better versions around town.


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