CLOSED: Casse Croûte @ Park West, redux – still da best!

Note: Unfortunately, its now closed

After been sick for almost 4 days and hardly an appetite for anything, I really looked forward to enjoy eating again and what comes in mine is Casse Croûte! I am a great fan of this place since the first time there and this has not changed. What I like about it is the unpretentious place and food, you know what you are eating and they are not dressed up like the opera on your plate. Everything is casual and the chef and staff makes conversation with the diners.  Continue reading “CLOSED: Casse Croûte @ Park West, redux – still da best!”


Ginza Itsuki Tendon (銀座いつき天丼) @ Tanjong Pagar

Ginza Itsuki Tendon has quite a lot of fanfare from local bloggers when it launched. Its popularity seemed to have continued till this day. This is the only Japanese restaurant in Singapore that serves and specializes in tendon and at the reasonable price. Most of the tendon served in our chain Japanese restaurants, except maybe the expensive ones, are not worth your money. So its something I look forward to trying out.

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Poj Spa Karn (โภจน์สภาคาร) @ Tanao Road Bangkok – Oldies but goodies (revisit)

This is the second time I have been back to this ancient restaurant and I had to write about it again because the food is still good. I am not going to overrate this place as not all food are that great, some are normal food that you can find anywhere and there isn’t any bad tasting food that we could not finish for sure. But for the price and the tastes of some of its dishes, it definitely worth come back again. Continue reading “Poj Spa Karn (โภจน์สภาคาร) @ Tanao Road Bangkok – Oldies but goodies (revisit)”

Eat @ Groove Central World Bangkok – Food that hits all the right spot


Eat is a restaurant by the famed Supanigga Eating Room at Thong Lor, which is one of the Top 20 restaurants in Bangkok. Eat is located at the 2nd level of Groove, which is the food extension of Central World in Bangkok. The menu appears to be the same as the one in Thong Lor, but I am not sure if the prices are cheaper here or similar. The restaurant serves Eastern and Central styled Thai food and does a very good job with most of their dishes. They keep the taste as original as possible which means you can expect quite spicy food and flavorful food.

Our only complain we have is that each dish is pretty small in size such that for a table of 7 persons, we need to order two of each dish so that all of us gets to eat more than one mouthful per dish. As you can see from the review below, we order 2 of each dish and there was a lot of dishes. In normal restaurants we probably stop at around 6 dishes.

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