Eat @ Groove Central World Bangkok – Food that hits all the right spot


Eat is a restaurant by the famed Supanigga Eating Room at Thong Lor, which is one of the Top 20 restaurants in Bangkok. Eat is located at the 2nd level of Groove, which is the food extension of Central World in Bangkok. The menu appears to be the same as the one in Thong Lor, but I am not sure if the prices are cheaper here or similar. The restaurant serves Eastern and Central styled Thai food and does a very good job with most of their dishes. They keep the taste as original as possible which means you can expect quite spicy food and flavorful food.

Our only complain we have is that each dish is pretty small in size such that for a table of 7 persons, we need to order two of each dish so that all of us gets to eat more than one mouthful per dish. As you can see from the review below, we order 2 of each dish and there was a lot of dishes. In normal restaurants we probably stop at around 6 dishes.


We love this dish of deep fried tiny prawns. The prawns are crispy and well seasoned; an all time favorite.


We only ordered on dish as we are not sure who would eat raw prawns, but all of us gave the thumbs up for this one. The prawn was fresh and sweet and balanced out well when eaten together with the accompanying vegetables, dressing and chillies.


This is a fermented pork sausage called Naem (แหนม). It tastes a bit sour just like those typical sausages sold on the streets, but not everyone like it as its an acquired taste. For me, I liked it especially eaten together with the peanuts, ginger and lime. The sausage was fragrant and doesn’t smell and the meat has a good soft texture of both fat and lean pork meat.


This a pretty common dish call son-in-law eggs. However, the twist is the tamarind sauce which blends well with the yummy soft boiled eggs.


This is probably one of the bigger dish which can be shared with everyone. Its an omelette with green chillies, mince pork and crab meat. The omelette was well fried leaving a very fluffy and soft delicious center. You need to be careful when biting into it as it also comes with tiny sprigs of green chilly which is very spicy and can shock you if you are not aware.


This is a typical prawn paste dip except that raw mango strips was added to lift up the sauce. Mind you that the dipping sauce is quite pungent (as in prawn paste pungent) and very spicy, both of which is what this dish should be.


Wing bean salad is a central Thai dish. This was done just right, with the right balance of sweetness, coconut fragrance, sourness and a little spicy.  A well-balance dish.


This is a Eastern style fried squid, although I am not sure if squid is as common as pork or beef. Nevertheless, the seasoning was just right and the squid was well fried, soft and chewy, but not tough to eat. A favorite amongst us.


Lastly, this grilled pork neck dish was quite extraordinary, I would eat the whole dish by myself. The pork was grilled just right and soft like a steak and yet well flavored. A must-have for me.


Lastly, we had only one dessert as we were quite full by the end of it all. This is their house specialty of Thai tea pannacotta. Not too sweet with a good hint of Thai tea and milk. A good dessert to end your meal with.


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