CLOSED: Casse Croûte @ Park West, redux – still da best!

Note: Unfortunately, its now closed

After been sick for almost 4 days and hardly an appetite for anything, I really looked forward to enjoy eating again and what comes in mine is Casse Croûte! I am a great fan of this place since the first time there and this has not changed. What I like about it is the unpretentious place and food, you know what you are eating and they are not dressed up like the opera on your plate. Everything is casual and the chef and staff makes conversation with the diners. 


One change is that the whole place is now air-conditioned. The location of the shop is actually very hot in the afternoon. However, the air-con only helps so much, so do dress light there! Also due its popularity, weekend lunch and dinner are usually fully booked and for dinner the only take one seating. Personally, the best time to enjoy the place and its food is off-peak hours; the best time to go would be after 1:30 pm on a weekend. The place is quiet and you enjoy your food without all the rush.


I had their duck rillette before and it was excellent, which is why I ordered it. The baguette is better than the last time I was here. Its now darker, crispier on the outside and chewy on the inside.


They had a pepper crusted pork chop in creamy wine sauce as a special today and I totally loved it! The sauce was rich and creamy and just lovely when eaten together with the pork chop. The meat was succulent with a strong bite texture, yet it is not tough, such that I ate the pork chop with only the spoon provided, instead of a fork and knife!


For desserts I had the poarched pear with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce and its a well made dessert. The poached pear was soft and fragrant. Eaten together with the ice cream and chocolate makes this a very refreshing dessert indeed to end my meal with.


I managed to take a photo of their menu, which have some changes over the months. For example, frog legs is a new item and the lobster bisque now comes with chicken dumplings. Also, don’t depend on what is in menu only, check out their fridge for other items not in the menu, like chicken pâté. Also check their daily specials on the chalk board.



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