Yang Gao Gorn (อย่างเก่าก่อน) Bangkok

Yang Gao Gorn or like the old times in Thai is an odd little Thai restaurant situated on the second floor of the Frank and Release futsal field. Its about 10-15 minutes walk from Ari BTS station.

We were there on a Sunday around 1 pm and it was quite empty except for one table of customers, so we did not have to wait for our seats nor food in general. The setup is pretty sparse since it is not meant to be a fancy place and aims to serve folks staying around that area or playing futsal.  The kitchen is located at the ground floor so you don’t get a greasy smell of cooked food in the restaurant. By the way, the toilet is also on the ground floor sharing with the futsal pitch.

Overall, I enjoyed the dishes that we ordered. Since there are only two of us, we only managed to sample a few dishes with some being recommended by foodies. I liked that try to keep the food simply and yet with well-balanced and strong flavors and with some interesting combination. There are two particular outstanding dishes for me: pineapple curry with horseshoe crab roes and deep fried snakehead floss with tamarind sauce.



The deep fried Chiang Mai fermented pork sausage or naem (แหนม) was the usual, but we thought it was served a bit cold despite it being fried. For those who haven’t tried before its usually served fried or in this case coated with batter and its reddish in color and is a bit sour. The taste is hard to describe and its a love-hate relationship for most folks and I happen to like its tastes in general.


One of the recommended dish by foodies is the choo chee curry with stuffed banana pepper. The curry was very fragrant with the right about of sweetness and spices. Choo chee curry is usually served with fish or prawns, but served it like this instead and it works well.


The pineapple curry with horseshoe crab roes was very interesting. Firstly, the pineapple was cooked with it completed rendered in the curry and very soft. The curry is sweet with the fragrance of pineapple and a hit of flavor from the egg roe which I could not put my fingers on. Usually, horseshoe crab roe has a very strong smell, but they managed not to let it overwhelm the dish. This is indeed an usual dish to taste very familiar yet not. Overall it was very well executed in my books.


The other of my favorite is the deep fried snakehead floss (pla dok foo) with tamarind sauce. Now, usually, you only get to fish meat as a floss, but the actually served the whole with with the skin and fins. The skin and fins are very crispy and you can eat them all with together with the crispy flossy meat; not sure about the head though..lolz.
Top with their super tangy and flavorful tamarind sauce is what make this one of my favorite dish.


Lastly, we order the braised eggs and fatty pork or kai phaloe. This is essentially a Chinese dish. What is interesting is that duck eggs is used instead and so the egg white and yolk has a different texture and the broth has a duck egg fragrance. The broth is rich but we thought that it was way too sweet such that the sweetness overpowered the other subtle flavors in the broth. The use of duck egg is interested but the egg white texture is much more tougher than regular eggs, but the egg yolk has a consistency of salted egg yolks which I quite enjoyed.

As with most small Thai restaurants, do give them a call if you want to visit; just to avoid spending time going there to find that is closed that day.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/YangGaoGorn/




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