DK Bakery’s stuffed buns Bangkok

Along Silom Road near soi 13 (or Thanon Pan), where the Sri Maha Mariamman temple is, is an old styled Chinese bakery shop called DK Backery. Its here I found some comfort food in the form of stuff buns. For Singaporeans whose childhood comfort food became lost in the economy race, its often in places like Thailand or Malaysia where we can find them again. Now comfort food are not world class food, but foods that give you comfort or makes you happy, fills you up and helps you relive some of the memories of yesteryear.

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The bakery sells a variety of stuffed buns, cookies and breads. Their stuffed buns is what this shop is well known for. The prices ranges from 14 to 17 baht (compared to Breaktalk!) is really value for money. In my opinion, 2-3 buns can fill me up for breakfast or even as lunch.

The fillings for the buns are very substantial and hence they are quite heavy, which is why they can also be quite filling. The bun themselves are a bit chewy and sweet and very soft which makes it really nice. There a variety of fillings and these are the ones that I have tried:


Moo daeng (or char siew): the filling is dry, unlike the Singapore version which is moist with sauces, but the spices are thoroughly infused into the pork giving it a great umami flavor.


Mushroom: One of my favorites is the mushroom. The filings are chunky pieces of marinated mushrooms that delivers an unbelievable umami taste.


Mushroom and dried shrimp: A marinated shiitake mushroom with dried shrimp fillings.


Ham and cheese: This one is like a reversed pork floss bun from Breaktalk (where the pork floss are on top of the bun). For this, the pork floss is stuff together with some pieces of ham and mayo. The bun is topped with cheese and sugar. The combination is really an explosion of sweet and savory all rolled into on.


Yam paste with ginko nuts: The filling is a sticky sweet yummy yam paste and eaten together with ginko nuts delivers a balance between the sweetness of the yam paste and slight bitterness from the ginko nuts.


And who could forgot the must have Hainanese styles bun stuffed with yummy kaya (coconut jam)! The kaya is fragrant, rich and not overly sweet, together with the bun makes a lovely dessert snack.





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