Food Court at Survarnabhumi airport

Just landed in Survarnabhumi airport in Bangkok and feeling hungry but tired of airport restaurant food? Have some spare time (which you should always have!) before checking in for your departure and want to quick bite but tired of the same tired airport restaurant food?

Well head down to the food court on the first floor for a meal of local fares and local prices. The food court is located on the first floor where the taxis and coaches are located at door number.

Most tourists are still unaware of this food court except for the loads of Chinese tourists who engulfed the place when I visited. I guess they must have gotten hungry waiting for their coaches… lolz.

It’s a coupon food court meaning you need to buy coupons at the counter to pay for the meal. Food price is normal with pork leg rice at 40 baht.

The food court is located on the 1st floor of the airport where the public taxi stand is
It is located next to door number 8


Entrance of the food court
Its packed with tourists waiting for their coaches




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