Le Ruban Chocolat Taipei (可可法朋)

There are many desserts cafe in Taipei, but probably the most interesting one that I have come across recently is Le Ruban Chocolat. It is a sister cafe of the more popular Le Ruban Patisserie, which serves desserts like cakes and breads and cookies. I heard that there is constant long queue at that cafe by, I guess, ladies. Le Ruban Chocolat serves a limited quantity of desserts and baked goods, but it also serves chocolate bars of various flavours which the sister cafe doesn’t.

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The chocolate bars are probably one of the best I have tried so far and with bold flavors that hits the right spot for me. Many ganaches in other chocolate bars are dense and too sweet sometimes such that within a few bites you start feeling like you already had too much. However, their chocolate bars are very light, with the right amount of sweetness. And there lies the problem, you can spend a lot money trying out each flavor all at one go!


What is unique about their chocolate bars are the intensity and boldness of flavors which they use. Mind you, Not all combination are too my liking. For example, the combination of macaw with orange and passion fruit with matcha didn’t work for me as I felt that the strong fragrances of the fruits, i.e. passion fruit and orange, overwhelmed the other flavors.

However, I recommend that you trying these following (in the picture from left to right)

  • Soy sauce: a chocolate bar with a light hint of soy sauce saltiness
  • Coriander: a perfect combo of chocolate with a bit of the intensity of coriander
  • Oolong longan: the Oolong tea and dried longan was well infused into the bar
  • Seasame: A very intense and fragrant sesame chocolate bar with chunks of sesame
  • Chrysanthemum: a chocolate bar infused with intense chrysanthemum flavor

Of course, I did not try every combination out there, but these ones are at least the highly recommended ones on my list.


I cannot let a nice looking cake sit there in the shelf. So I also had a piece of their cakes. I liked this one because there are layers of flavors from its combination of a light cream mousse, its chocolate layer, the tea flavored layer and then an apple layer. I would recommend that you try out their cakes too while you are there.





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