Country Manna @ West Coast Plaza

I vaguely remember Country Manna restaurant by its logo, but I really don’t remember too much about its food. Anyway, this old school restaurant now finds itself back in town at West Coast Plaza.


The restaurant is pretty spartan in its layout but I think most of us are not there for the ambiance. Not that its bad okay? Just spartan.


There are set lunches going for $15+ with soup, main dish and ice cream, but you can also choose from the ala carte menu items. I am not sure about how the previous restaurant was setup, but it has a buffet salad bar, which you can have for $9.90. Nothing fancy, just your usually fresh vegetables, mushroom and beans, a pasta, a few prepared salads like coleslaw and potato salad and some fruits. Like I said, it not fancy and you can even see that the salad dressing are from Best Food bottles and some stuff from cans. This is as old school as you can get. However, if you order a main dish with a salad buffet then it will only cost you $5.50 with free flow of ice cream too!

So of course, I ordered the salad buffet and a main dish, their popular baked chicken.


When I was there, there was a table a 6 folks in front of me and I found myself having to wait almost 15 minutes or more (not counting) for my main dish. I wonder how long I had to wait if the restaurant is full! Luckily, I had the salad buffet to keep my company during that wait and I had 2 servings, eating really slowly before the baked chicken arrived, that is, after the table of 6 were served their food.

I have to say it worth the wait, the baked chicken came hot with herbal aroma. The skin was thin and crispy. The meat, although not super moist (because they are using a smaller less fatty chicken), was very tender and all the herbs were infused into the meat. The chicken breast, which is the trickiest part, was also tender and you can eat it by itself without need any other sauces. All in all, a well executed dish!

Now despite my complain about the long wait, I noticed that a later table of two had their baked chicken served up rather quickly! I wonder if it because they have limited ovens in the kitchen since baked fish and baked chicken are their popular items and both needs oven space.


On the way out of the restaurant, I found the above set. You can order all these for only $30! Oh.. I cannot wait to try this and oxtail stew the next time I am there again. By the way, they are working on a Halal certification and all pork items like pork ribs and pork chops are removed.

Old school restaurant indeed, but if they keep up their good quality main dishes and maybe improve on the salad bar (too many canned and ready-made food stuff), I am sure it will continue to stay on our food map for a while.



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