Sin Kee Chicken Rice war @ Holland

What used to be a quiet chicken rice neighborhood now has a third contender to the Sin Kee branded chicken rice within minutes of each other!


First we have Sin Kee at the Holland Drive Market Food Center. This stall has been here for ages and is one my favorite chicken rice stalls.


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The next to open is the one formerly along Commonwealth at Queenstown center, now at Blk 6 Holland Close.

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And now the war officially started with the recent opening of this Sin Kee (Cantonese) chicken rice right in the middle of both the stalls at Blk 40 Holland Close (or Holland Ave). Of course, with media reporting on their opening, you can see some queues at this stall during busy periods.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me who is the original stall; its the taste that matters. Anyhow, I tried to chat up each of the store owners. The aunty at Holland Drive market told me that they are related to the one at Blk 6, but not Blk 40. The owners at Blk 40 just ask me to taste the difference and refuse to talk about how they are related. As for the stall at Blk 6, the Chinese ladies told me they are the original and refuse to talk about the other two stalls. lolz.

As I said taste matters, so I had to sacrifice myself and bought 3 packets of chicken rice for my lunch. I ordered a standard portion with the thigh meat. From top to bottom are the chicken rice from Holland Drive Market, Blk 40 and Blk 6



Holland Drive market’s stall starts from $3, I ordered a $4 packet instead. Blk 6’s stall cost $3.50 per packet and Blk 40’s stall $4.50 per packet. For Blk 40, the price starts at $3.50 but they charged me $4.50 for thigh meat which to me is the most expensive of all 3.


All 3 packets seems to have the same quantity

Chicken rice:

All 3 stores makes decent chicken rice that you can eat on its own. However, the most flavorful rice comes from Blk 6, followed by Holland Drive market FC. Blk 40’s rice has good flavors too but I find it too sweet (too much sugar added?). Also Blk 40’s rices are smaller is size, a bit more mushy and less “Q”. The biggest rice sizes comes from Holland Drive market stall.

Chicken meat:

Both Blk 6 and Holland Drive market have similar sizes whereas Blk 40 cuts its chicken into bigger pieces. All serves deliciously good chicken meat but my favorite is the one from Holland Drive market. The chicken meat is consistently moist and juice. Mostly importantly, the chicken skin is the smoothest of them all and juicy. Chicken meat from both Blk 6 and Blk 40 are comparable, however, Blk 40 wins Blk 6 as I felt that Blk 6’s meat can be a bit tougher.

Chili sauce:

All 3 had similar chili sauce. Holland Drive market’s chili sauce is the spiciest and tastes of ginger and chili very prominent. Blk 6 and Blk 40’s chili sauce are spicy too and more balance of flavors. However, Blk 40’s sauce is too sweet for my liking. So its a draw between Blk 6 and Holland Drive market’s chili sauce for me.


My favorite is still the aunty at Holland Drive market, mainly because the highest points goes to the quality and consistency of the chicken meat with Blk 6 coming in at number 2. I have a bit surprised by the overly sweetness of both the rice and chili sauce from Blk 4o, which I have to say is my least favorite.

However, taste is subjective and there are people who swear by their chicken rice. Media hype may draw crowds, but to my experience crowds and popularity don’t necessarily translate better taste, if not MacDonald and KFC would be 4 Michelin stars restaurants by now.


Holland Drive market’s stall also sells very good laksa and mince pork noodles. If you don’t want to have chicken rice, you can also have their world class laksa with their world class chicken.

Blk 6’s stall sell soups and porridge a part from chicken rice, so you have more choices. Incidentally, Blk 6 also houses a very good roasted meat stall with great soy sauce chicken and char siew and XO chili sauce.

Here are the locations of all 3 stalls at Holland.







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