What’s new at Raffles Holland?

Raffles Holland stands in the plot where, to me, has been the unnamed and useless building for ages in Holland Village. Of course, I know that it housed POSB Bank and some gymnasium halls. But to me as a consumer, it pretty useless! lolz


After 1 or 2 years, we finally have a new building! This is mainly a medical center, but being in Singapore, you can never escape from food. The building is pretty new, the eateries are not opened yet, but you do get a glimpse of what to expect. Continue reading “What’s new at Raffles Holland?”


Full of Luck Club @ Holland Village

Holland Village is probably one of those rarities in Singapore where fast food chains like KFC, Burger King and then Wendy’s don’t survive. So in place of the former Wendy’s location is a new fusion Cantonese styled restaurant by Li Bai. Personally, the name doesn’t strike me as “appetizing” nor imaginative, but if the food is good who cares?

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