Mad about Sucre: Summer scene

Having read a number of good reviews on Mad About Sucre, we finally made a trip there. One thing for sure, I was well prepared to pay above $50 per person for dinner and desserts there. Desserts by themselves average around $12.

The staff was very attentive and friendly and creates a really good atmosphere to enjoy your time there. The staff there explained to us that the menu items are seasonal and rotates about every 2 months. Currently, they are running the summer theme which means you will find lots of fruity themes in both the main courses and desserts.

Overall, the experience there was enjoyable with a great attentive service and friendly atmosphere, only problem is the dim warm lighting makes difficult photography. Given the theme of french cuisine, the plating size also fits what you expect of french cuisine aka petite. So I was surprise that even though I started out pretty hungry, the meals were wonderful and filling. The balance and contrast of flavors was unexpected and well executed. This is a place which prides itself for its desserts and they take care to explain to you all the themes of the desserts. The desserts were done technically well and had a good contrast and balance of flavors. They also paired with tea (as a recommendation) and served one at a time together with the tea; this allows one to enjoy the dessert individually. But like I said at the beginning, you must be willing to spare a few extra dollars here for both the meals and desserts.


The wild smoked salmon with grilled prawn salad may have a light fruity dressing. However, it allows the flavor of the grilled prawn and smoked salmon, paired with crisply baked spiced croutons (its not croutons, but a spiced bread but I really don’t remember what). Taken in combination, the salad was light and fruity, but contrasted with meaty flavors.


The kaffir lime chicken with pilaf rice was a surprise in flavor. Inspired by Cambodian cuisine, the dish is induced with the fragrance of kaffir lime which gave the whole dish an uplifting note. My only complain was the use of chicken fillet which was a bit dry in my view, but the flavors and seasoning was great.


The config of duck leg with bitter orange, Grand Marnier and duck reduction sauce was well executed. The sauce contrasted and balanced well with the confit of duck leg. I have to say that the sauce was the highlight and main actor in this dish!



The coco citron was inspired by the church at Mont Marc in Paris. Of the two dessert we had, this is my favorite. The coconut mousse contrast well with the lemon tart. Eaten together you get fragrant coconut notes punctuated by light lemon fragrance and sourness.

Le Caillou (or pebble) is inspired by skipping pebbles by the river in summer, although this doesn’t look anything like a pebble. The pecan nut mousse was soft, smooth and flavorful. This is contrasted with a rum cream and zesty mandarin orange jelly. Technically well executed and good balance of flavors.



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