Cocoa Colony: which drink to choose?

Most people think that all chocolate taste, well, like chocolate. However, just like tea which has different flavors, well-made cocoa drinks have different tastes to. So, if you are craving for a chocolate drink and ended up in Cocoa Colony, but you don’t know which cocoa drink to order here is some tasting notes for you:

  • Amazonian Gold – floral and nutty notes
  • Venezula (their most popular) – floral with fruity notes
  • Cuba – has a pepper like spicy note at the end
  • Santo Domingo – tastes like standard cocoa

However, I do find the chocolate drinks are very thick and filling, which is how they should be. Just that it is not a drink you should order after a full meal! In the meantime, their chocolate cakes and ice creams are pretty good too.