ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur


Ansa Hotel in KL is my go to hotel whenever I stay there and when the price is right. The hotel was previous Piccolo Hotel which changed ownership to Ansa.  The facade has been rejuvenated and is looks more modern now, with Grey Hound Cafe and Starbucks on either side of the hotel’s entrance.


The main reasons why I like staying there is the location, which is right in the middle of Bukit Bintang, the shopping disrict. Its right next to Lot 10 which is right next to the Bukit Bintang LRT.  So it is very convenient to travel from around there. For Singaporeans who drive, like me sometimes, it has a pretty safe car park.  The price, with the strong Singapore dollars, goes below $100.  I cannot tell you much about its facilities since I hardly use them, lolz… sorry about that.


One thing I enjoyed about the hotel is how clean and simple the rooms are. The room decoration has not changed since the last owner still with its macro underwater photos. The room above is a deluxe room. There are no carpets on the floor which means you don’t get a linger musky smell or smell of customers secretly smoking cigarettes; smells which a lot of other hotel rooms have. Some people will not like that its a pretty open design with the bash in the hall and the toilet also facing the room. It can be quite embarrassing if you are staying with a friend and you need to do “big noisy business”. All can be easily heard and I think smelt? from the room..lolz.

Incidentally, I saw two relatively new hotel just opposite this one at very reasonable rates, but they don’t have any carpark facilities, that you may also like to check out.

Note: you can also get great deals from booking agents like agoda and


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