Jason’s Niang Dou Fu @ Sultan Gate

Folks who like Malaysian style niang dou fu has another place for your fix.  The shop is located at Sultan Gate along Beach Road and they sell a variety of soups and sauces to go with your niang dou fu.  You can have chee cheong fun, chye poh with yam rice, laksa, curry, with noodles soup or dry and with satay sauce. And its Halal too, so its great news for Muslim friends!

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I am always a sucker for niang duo fu with chee cheong fun. Unfortunately, I was late and they only had regular noodle or satay sauce left. No chye poh, laksa or curry or yam rice! The selection of niang dou fu pieces is pretty standard Singaporean style, but I think you can tell them what you want fried or boiled.


For the satay sauce, I can choose the type of noodle although they come with bee hoon by default. So I chose thick bee hoon for my satay sauce instead. For portion size, they are very generous, there is lots of noodle on top of all that sauces. The niang dou fu items are pretty common, especially since its Halal, only fish meat in used. So you don’t get the traditional items with pork and fish paste as a stuffing. The satay sauce is thick and yummy; it is not too sweet and you can taste a good amount of belanchan. The only warning is that it is a little spicy!  The soup is tasty, savoury and sweet (not sugar sweetness), unlike a lot of bland soup offer by some niang dou fu shops.

I will definitely be back for the chee cheong fun, chye poh, laksa and curry next!


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