Taste – new super at Raffles Holland V

Taste is a new gourmet super market which opened at the basement of Raffle Holland V, by the folks from Swiss Butchery.  I have often wondered what is happening there, so now I know! If you are a die-hard NTUC or Sheng Song person and never shop in Cold Storage, then this super won’t appeal to you.

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What I think they try to do is to bring in different and unique products, knowing very well that Cold Storage is just opposite. The appeal, I believe, would mostly be expats or the private or condo estate folks. Being in such a small area, you only have a selection of limited items, but I love the fact that they gave fresh food and produce a very big share of the floor space. I found that similar items that I can find in Cold Storage are priced the same, but they do carry products the Cold Storage don’t. Continue reading “Taste – new super at Raffles Holland V”