Taste – new super at Raffles Holland V

Taste is a new gourmet super market which opened at the basement of Raffle Holland V, by the folks from Swiss Butchery.  I have often wondered what is happening there, so now I know! If you are a die-hard NTUC or Sheng Song person and never shop in Cold Storage, then this super won’t appeal to you.

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What I think they try to do is to bring in different and unique products, knowing very well that Cold Storage is just opposite. The appeal, I believe, would mostly be expats or the private or condo estate folks. Being in such a small area, you only have a selection of limited items, but I love the fact that they gave fresh food and produce a very big share of the floor space. I found that similar items that I can find in Cold Storage are priced the same, but they do carry products the Cold Storage don’t.

For the fresh meat, you can select the cut and get them cooked for you in either Sens (their in-store Japanese restaurant) or Otto Delis (on the 2nd floor) for a charge of $8/100gm. Pretty hefty price mind you, given that a ribeye 200 gm cut already costs you around $20. Don’t even need to talk about the Matsuzaka beef!


Whole carrots anyone?


Or orange tomatoes on vines or a heritage mixed of tomatoes?


Ghost peppers anyone!?


There is also a cheese room.

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Lastly, is Sens a Japanese restaurant serving Japanese food items like sushi andd donburi and a bar for drinks.


If you don’t know where Raffles Holland V is, its the new medical center on the Chip Bee Garden side, just above Holland V MRT station.


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