Khao Tom Pla Kimpo @ Bangkok (ข้าวต้มปลา กิมโป)

Khao Tom Pla Kimpo is one of favorite places to eat in Bangkok. It a Teochew styled porridge where soup is poured over boiled rice. Even though this place sells mainly fish and seafood porridge, it is not without pork. Pork bones is used for the soup stock and also stewed diced pork pieces are used for the spicy salad.  Continue reading “Khao Tom Pla Kimpo @ Bangkok (ข้าวต้มปลา กิมโป)”


Paste @ GaySorn Bangkok

Many up market restaurants in Bangkok tries to one up their competition by being gimmicky like throwing a foam and smoke here and there and trying to deconstruct dishes. Paste does none of those. They just focus of make great tasting Thai dishes with a simple presentation and let the experience and tastes tells the story.


You may feel a little suspicious of the food when you enter because it will mostly be non-Thai customers. We went there for lunch, so I am not sure about the dinner crowd.

For lunch for 3 persons, they have 2 lunch tasting menu at about 1,200 and 2,100 baht each. However, this means that we only get to eat about 4 same dishes so we opted for ala carte instead and it was a good choice. Not only were we able to sample many different dishes, the total costs comes out to be about the same had we chosen the 2,100 baht set lunch. Continue reading “Paste @ GaySorn Bangkok”

Taste – new super at Raffles Holland V

Taste is a new gourmet super market which opened at the basement of Raffle Holland V, by the folks from Swiss Butchery.  I have often wondered what is happening there, so now I know! If you are a die-hard NTUC or Sheng Song person and never shop in Cold Storage, then this super won’t appeal to you.

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What I think they try to do is to bring in different and unique products, knowing very well that Cold Storage is just opposite. The appeal, I believe, would mostly be expats or the private or condo estate folks. Being in such a small area, you only have a selection of limited items, but I love the fact that they gave fresh food and produce a very big share of the floor space. I found that similar items that I can find in Cold Storage are priced the same, but they do carry products the Cold Storage don’t. Continue reading “Taste – new super at Raffles Holland V”

Jason’s Niang Dou Fu @ Sultan Gate

Folks who like Malaysian style niang dou fu has another place for your fix.  The shop is located at Sultan Gate along Beach Road and they sell a variety of soups and sauces to go with your niang dou fu.  You can have chee cheong fun, chye poh with yam rice, laksa, curry, with noodles soup or dry and with satay sauce. And its Halal too, so its great news for Muslim friends!

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Continue reading “Jason’s Niang Dou Fu @ Sultan Gate”

The Western Co. redux

IMG_20170121_134754_HDR.jpgThe first time I actually noticed or heard about this shop was due to the social firestorm recently. So in a way being infamous also drew its crowd! Anyway, a couple months ago, I saw on FB that new owners had taken over, so I decided have a visit and see what’s all those cheeses is about. I had make two visit, mainly because I can only eat so many things at one time!

Luckily for me, the Saturday early lunch crowd was not too bad. I really think that most hipster food are really not worth it to queue up for lunch or dinner. Not because the food is not worth it, its the queue and squealing girls in the queue.


The place is open sitting and blasted by huge fans, but it doesn’t stop your shirts from getting all those oily smells, but this happens everywhere.  Continue reading “The Western Co. redux”

Ô Boeuf à 6 Pattes @ Park West Condo

img_20170112_205850Its not news that I was a great fan of the food at Casse Croûte by the previous owner and chef Patrick. Even since he close his shop and it was taken over by his friend, I had not been back since.

So one Thursday night I decided to drop by. When I stepped in there was any customers and it was blasting with Thai music. I did a double-take because I thought it had closed and converted to a Thai restaurant!

Fortunately, it was not sure, the music soon turned into soft American pop music once I got seated.

Being a great fan of the previous owner, I really try not to compare the food and try to taste it on its own. As I sat down to look at the menu, one of the lady in the restaurant who is apparently the wife of the chef owner told me that they also served Thai food.  Continue reading “Ô Boeuf à 6 Pattes @ Park West Condo”

Cocoa Colony: which drink to choose?

Most people think that all chocolate taste, well, like chocolate. However, just like tea which has different flavors, well-made cocoa drinks have different tastes to. So, if you are craving for a chocolate drink and ended up in Cocoa Colony, but you don’t know which cocoa drink to order here is some tasting notes for you:

  • Amazonian Gold – floral and nutty notes
  • Venezula (their most popular) – floral with fruity notes
  • Cuba – has a pepper like spicy note at the end
  • Santo Domingo – tastes like standard cocoa

However, I do find the chocolate drinks are very thick and filling, which is how they should be. Just that it is not a drink you should order after a full meal! In the meantime, their chocolate cakes and ice creams are pretty good too.