Could Fat Free Yogurt make you fatter?

Our culture is obsessed with fats and cholesterol. Everything is fat free or cholesterol free, even though those ingredients originally already don’t contain any of those. Worst still, products that tout themselves to fat free seems to tell the consumers that they are healthier and indeed consumers often see only “Fat Free” letters of the food item and assume that they are healthy for you.


Case to point, we all know the yogurt have a lot of good stuff for the body and many brands including the one above would attempt to sell you the good benefits of yogurt and reducing the fat and thus making it healthy. Really?


Turn over to the nutrition information and you will notice that instead of fats, it now has 23 gm of sugar! The recommended daily intake of sugar is only about 50 gm, a cup of this yogurt already 50% of your daily needs! Further more, we don’t know what type of sugar is used for the yogurt, does the sugar have a high glycemic index? Because the higher the index, the more rapid the blood sugar rises, causing increase in insulin and storage of fats in your body! And it is common for food producers to use high-fructose corn syrup but it has a higher glycemic index that just refined sugar (which are more expensive).

So instead of a healthy product, it is now loaded with sugar minus the fats, but it will still make your fat and unhealthy.



Is your coconut juice 100%?


For any regular consumer, we would assume that all these 3 brands just contain coconut juice water. However, only one of the brands in the photo is 100% coconut juice, The other two contains additional water and cane sugar. So inadvertently the consumer may be taking in additional sugar with those drinks.

I am not saying that the level of sugar is that much or harmful to health, of course.  Neither am I saying that any one of them are lying, since they never claim to be only all coconut juice.  At the end of the day, consumers needs to be educated by reading the ingredients list to know what they are buying into.

By the way, its the brand of the left of the photo, it only contains coconut juice,