Cocoa Colony: which drink to choose?

Most people think that all chocolate taste, well, like chocolate. However, just like tea which has different flavors, well-made cocoa drinks have different tastes to. So, if you are craving for a chocolate drink and ended up in Cocoa Colony, but you don’t know which cocoa drink to order here is some tasting notes for you:

  • Amazonian Gold – floral and nutty notes
  • Venezula (their most popular) – floral with fruity notes
  • Cuba – has a pepper like spicy note at the end
  • Santo Domingo – tastes like standard cocoa

However, I do find the chocolate drinks are very thick and filling, which is how they should be. Just that it is not a drink you should order after a full meal! In the meantime, their chocolate cakes and ice creams are pretty good too.




Mad about Sucre: Summer scene

Having read a number of good reviews on Mad About Sucre, we finally made a trip there. One thing for sure, I was well prepared to pay above $50 per person for dinner and desserts there. Desserts by themselves average around $12.

The staff was very attentive and friendly and creates a really good atmosphere to enjoy your time there. The staff there explained to us that the menu items are seasonal and rotates about every 2 months. Currently, they are running the summer theme which means you will find lots of fruity themes in both the main courses and desserts. Continue reading “Mad about Sucre: Summer scene”

What’s new at Raffles Holland?

Raffles Holland stands in the plot where, to me, has been the unnamed and useless building for ages in Holland Village. Of course, I know that it housed POSB Bank and some gymnasium halls. But to me as a consumer, it pretty useless! lolz


After 1 or 2 years, we finally have a new building! This is mainly a medical center, but being in Singapore, you can never escape from food. The building is pretty new, the eateries are not opened yet, but you do get a glimpse of what to expect. Continue reading “What’s new at Raffles Holland?”

Full of Luck Club @ Holland Village

Holland Village is probably one of those rarities in Singapore where fast food chains like KFC, Burger King and then Wendy’s don’t survive. So in place of the former Wendy’s location is a new fusion Cantonese styled restaurant by Li Bai. Personally, the name doesn’t strike me as “appetizing” nor imaginative, but if the food is good who cares?

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Continue reading “Full of Luck Club @ Holland Village”

Sin Kee Chicken Rice war @ Holland

What used to be a quiet chicken rice neighborhood now has a third contender to the Sin Kee branded chicken rice within minutes of each other!


First we have Sin Kee at the Holland Drive Market Food Center. This stall has been here for ages and is one my favorite chicken rice stalls.


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The next to open is the one formerly along Commonwealth at Queenstown center, now at Blk 6 Holland Close.

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And now the war officially started with the recent opening of this Sin Kee (Cantonese) chicken rice right in the middle of both the stalls at Blk 40 Holland Close (or Holland Ave). Of course, with media reporting on their opening, you can see some queues at this stall during busy periods. Continue reading “Sin Kee Chicken Rice war @ Holland”

Le Ruban Chocolat Taipei (可可法朋)

There are many desserts cafe in Taipei, but probably the most interesting one that I have come across recently is Le Ruban Chocolat. It is a sister cafe of the more popular Le Ruban Patisserie, which serves desserts like cakes and breads and cookies. I heard that there is constant long queue at that cafe by, I guess, ladies. Le Ruban Chocolat serves a limited quantity of desserts and baked goods, but it also serves chocolate bars of various flavours which the sister cafe doesn’t.

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