Ô Boeuf à 6 Pattes @ Park West Condo

img_20170112_205850Its not news that I was a great fan of the food at Casse Croûte by the previous owner and chef Patrick. Even since he close his shop and it was taken over by his friend, I had not been back since.

So one Thursday night I decided to drop by. When I stepped in there was any customers and it was blasting with Thai music. I did a double-take because I thought it had closed and converted to a Thai restaurant!

Fortunately, it was not sure, the music soon turned into soft American pop music once I got seated.

Being a great fan of the previous owner, I really try not to compare the food and try to taste it on its own. As I sat down to look at the menu, one of the lady in the restaurant who is apparently the wife of the chef owner told me that they also served Thai food.  Continue reading “Ô Boeuf à 6 Pattes @ Park West Condo”


Mad about Sucre: Summer scene

Having read a number of good reviews on Mad About Sucre, we finally made a trip there. One thing for sure, I was well prepared to pay above $50 per person for dinner and desserts there. Desserts by themselves average around $12.

The staff was very attentive and friendly and creates a really good atmosphere to enjoy your time there. The staff there explained to us that the menu items are seasonal and rotates about every 2 months. Currently, they are running the summer theme which means you will find lots of fruity themes in both the main courses and desserts. Continue reading “Mad about Sucre: Summer scene”

CLOSED: Casse Croûte @ Park West, redux – still da best!

Note: Unfortunately, its now closed

After been sick for almost 4 days and hardly an appetite for anything, I really looked forward to enjoy eating again and what comes in mine is Casse Croûte! I am a great fan of this place since the first time there and this has not changed. What I like about it is the unpretentious place and food, you know what you are eating and they are not dressed up like the opera on your plate. Everything is casual and the chef and staff makes conversation with the diners.  Continue reading “CLOSED: Casse Croûte @ Park West, redux – still da best!”

CLOSED: Casse Croûte @ Park West

Me and my friends visited Casse Croûte at Park West condo recently based on a recommended on the web and it was really worth the trip.  Its basically a little no aircon no frills french cafe right above the swimming pool of the condo property.  Food is ordered and paid for at the cashier, drinks self-serviced from the fridge and the cutlery too when the food arrives. You can also order the pre-packed food from the fridge and heat up yourselves back home. We went there about 1:30 pm in a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty empty, which is good for me as we can take out time each and enough ourselves despite the heat.

Continue reading “CLOSED: Casse Croûte @ Park West”