ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur


Ansa Hotel in KL is my go to hotel whenever I stay there and when the price is right. The hotel was previous Piccolo Hotel which changed ownership to Ansa.  The facade has been rejuvenated and is looks more modern now, with Grey Hound Cafe and Starbucks on either side of the hotel’s entrance.


The main reasons why I like staying there is the location, which is right in the middle of Bukit Bintang, the shopping disrict. Its right next to Lot 10 which is right next to the Bukit Bintang LRT.  So it is very convenient to travel from around there. For Singaporeans who drive, like me sometimes, it has a pretty safe car park.  The price, with the strong Singapore dollars, goes below $100.  I cannot tell you much about its facilities since I hardly use them, lolz… sorry about that. Continue reading “ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur”


Kuala Lumpur: Coco Steamboat “Pork Bone Soup” @ Old Klang Road


I hardly eat steamboat back in Singapore, but whenever I travel to Kuala Lumpur, I would crave for one of its steamboat restaurants. I think one of the reasons is that the steamboat in KL is so much more authentic and genuine and worth my while, compare to the cheap and low food quality steamboat restaurants lining Beach Road in Singapore. Well, Coco Steamboat just blows me away with its soup base.


This time round in KL, my friend brought me to a steamboat place along the old Klang Road. It is a strange place right in the middle of a long stretch of road, right next to a Hyundai service center (I think). Nothing else really around us and apartment blocks are a distance away. Yet at about 7:30 pm, the place is packed! You can see that is not a small place, but every table has someone sitting there. We were about 5-6 in line and waited till 8 pm before we were seated. When we finished around 8:30 pm to 9 pm, there are still people waiting for seats!


What makes the steamboat so special is its pork bone soup based, which I guess is boil for hours until the soup turns white. I am very sure no milk is added because I cannot taste milk and the soup is so tasty and we almost drank up everything with refills some more! Also it is not laden with MSG, because I did not get an MSG high nor had a sore throat the next day.

For 2 persons, we ordered the 2 persons set which was lot. We also ordered a plate of century eggs, fried chicken wings, additional plate of pork belly meat and some meat balls. Just the 2 person sets is more than enough actually because it also comes with noodles for the end of the meal.

The century egg was of superb quality, soft in the center and really delicious without a strong ammonia smell. However, the fried chicken wings, which we saw a lot of table orders, was no up to par; not worth ordering.  I did not like the pork belly also, because it was cut with the skin and even though you cooked it, with the skin, it was hard and chewy to bit. Maybe some people like it, but I don’t. As for the 2 types of meat balls we ordered, I totally forgot to note them down because we threw everything into to pot to cook! lolz

All in all, this is a must go place for good steamboat. I already missed it and cannot wait to go again on my next trip up!

I hope this map gives a better idea, its along Jalan Klang Lama, right next to the Hyundai Service Center, along Lorong Jurga